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HOW the program works

P R I M E is an accumulative beach volleyball rehabilitation training program.  Which means we take the athleticism of any athlete and teach them necessary basic fundamentals and techniques to then further their ability as a player on the beach. 

What do you mean by accumulative? - Each lesson is based off of where you left off, thus each lesson building from one another. This is to ensure proper technique, form, and fundamentals are applied appropriately. 

What do you mean by rehabilitation? - When you enter our beach training program we don't take anything you previously learned other than your athletic ability (which isn't learned anyways) and we build from the ground up. Essentially rehabilitating anything you previously knew about beach volleyball or volleyball thus creating a more fundamentally sound player. 

Do you only coach women or female high school athletes? - We do not discriminate by gender or age.  However we do reserve the right to decline training requests due to unforeseen circumstances. 

Expectations of practice days - 

Show up 10 min a head of time to make sure you are properly equipped for the weather, Sunscreen, sand socks, extra layers etc. As well as having the ability to set up the court. Antennae, pumping up volleyballs, watering down hot courts, and then stretching prior to  practice. 


Tournament Coaching and Travel

Team Travel -

There will be  program accommodations made in the event there are more than 10 people participating from the program. If not each party will be responsible for their individual travel.  Along side that each player shall bring one OFFICIAL beach volleyball with them for tournament play and practice before tournament.  

Expectations -

Participating members of the program shall be representing the program respectfully. This includes the wearing of warm ups or any gear representing of the program.  IN all travel and practice situations.

Travel and tournaments for coaches -

Coaching will be offered at each tournament divided among the participating members, and will have to pay coach on tournament day. As far as coaches travel and accommodations.  The total cost will be divided up between participating members with the understanding that 1 coach or 2 coaches have limited availability at any given moment and that in most tournaments coaching is only allowed during timeouts and between sets. 

"In the box"
Coaches Corner
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Master Coach PRIME BEACH

Little Rock, Arkansas

Andrew Beam

PRIME BLUE & Blue Beach Director & Coach

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Chloe Beam

Court Coach 

PRIME & Blue Beach

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Anna Behzan

Court Coach

PRIME & Blue Beach

Tulsa, OKlahoma

Need-to-Know Info

Sunset Spike


There are no tryouts for the training program just an evaluation and assessment of skill and ability. This is to see if you are a fit for the competition team or if you need more work before competing.


Fill this out prior to participating in beach volleyball activities

with PRIME Beach Training


Questions? Please feel free to reach out
to PRIME Beach Training Director Vincent Miranda.





Ozark, Missouri


Thanks for submitting!

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