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ABout P. r. i. m. e. 

P.R.I.M.E. (Perfection Repeated Is Mastering Excellence) beach volleyball training became a program due to incorrect beach fundamentals and techniques being taught to athletes as an expectation to better their game. Owner and Operator Vince Miranda thought it was time for a change.  So he took it upon himself to travel, receive proper training, and go compete on tour with the training he received. This was not only to compete but to test out what he was being taught. 

After a 3 year stint on a few local tours he was able to procure sponsorships as well as injuries.  Which then led him to coaching. While P.R.I.M.E. took a few years to become full year round, he made sure that one thing was true about the program.

Where P. R. I. M. E. Beach volleyball came from

That correct fundamentals and basic techniques learned will make the athlete successful. After a few summers of rising success, a full year round program was born. After 2 years of full year round operation P.R.I.M.E. had 5 NCAA committed athletes under its belt. 

Since then a relocation happened, and owner operator has found himself in Little Rock, Arkansas.  After a year of residency here he has decided to move forward with P.R.I.M.E. once again, and his sights are to make it better than it was before. (read Vince's Story)


What We Do Explained

Philosophy Explained

Mission explained

How we make successful athletes. PRIME Beach Volleyball Training has a technique rehabilitation program. This is to create a solid foundation of fundamentals that can be built upon. By honing in on the basics and the fluidity PRIME is able to then teach higher level skill sets and tactics to create a dynamic beach athlete. 

PRIME's philosophy is to teach and then be taught. What that means is,  We ask questions for athletes to answer by knowledge and coaching given. This way we can quantify retention as well as understand if there was a break down of communication.  This results in creating an autonomous and interactive learning environment more suitable for learning and comprehension. At PRIME we rely on the process of repetition in conjunction with coaching.  The athletes learn to lean on the fundamentals, techniques and knowledge base given. This allows players to make adjustments and have autonomy over how their "own game" develops.  Ultimately making a successful beach athlete in situational and tournament scenarios.

At PRIME Beach Volleyball we rely on the process of attempting till the desired results are achieved. The athletes learn to lean on the fundamentals, techniques and knowledge base given. This makes a successful beach athlete in game situations and tournament play.

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