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2025 College Commits

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Bella Lagemann -
Louisiana State University

Halle Forrester - Murray state

Raylee Stenzel -
Missouri State University

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We are proud to announce LIVE virtual beach volleyball partner sessions with the coordination of Blue Beach and our PRIME Blue affiliation in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

This is a very new and experimental program. So far PRIME Beach Training has done virtual sessions in LARGE clinic type settings which took place in in St. Louis with the cooperation of JaJa Beach. It was here where we got the feedback that we could move forward with virtual coaching. 

Where Perfection Repeated Is Mastering Excellence

  • 9 NCAA Division 1 athletes

  • 2 NCAA Division 3 athletes 

  • 4 top 50 athletes in the country

  • 3 Volleyball Mag top 50 players

  • 1 National Championship

  • 4 P1440 Futures tour Championships

  • 7 Beach Volleyball National Championship top placings

  • **Numerous P1440 futures tour top placings 

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higher Standard beach Volleyball training

OUR Mission

(in short)

To create an individual beach volleyball process that athletes can lean on. This allows the athletes to achieve success as a team. In all situations 

Whatwe do

(in short)

PRIME Beach Volleyball Training provides technique rehabilitation to create a solid foundation of fundamentals that can be built upon to create a fully functional beach volleyball player.


(in short)

PRIME Beach Volleyball's philosophy is to teach and then be taught.  We ask questions for athletes to answer by knowledge given. This way each player can start creating their own philosophies and style of game play. 

*** P R I M E Beach Volleyball training is constantly recruiting upon assessment of skill. No tryout dates, no expiration. ***

Need more information ... Email us


PRIME Blue Located in Tulsa, OK 

Training Sites may differ.

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